Document Storage


Homestead Secure Records can assist you with efficiently maintaining your documents with our full-service, records management system.

When your boxed records are received at our Record Center they are inventoried and entered into our Records Management Database. Unique bar-coded labels are produced for and placed on each carton. We then place the labeled cartons into our Secure Records Center and upload their location into our Records Management Database.

Access Management

At your request any of your files/cartons can be retrieved and delivered to you in a variety of convenient methods. When the request is received the item and person requesting is recorded into our Records Management Database providing audit accountability for your records while maintaining secure access to them.

Delivery and Pick-up

Delivery and Pick-up of your records is available at your request. Below are our available delivery schedules:

  • Regular- Next day delivery before 5 p.m. (request received by 11 a.m. the previous business day)
  • Same Day- delivery within 4 hours of request during normal business hours
  • Rush- delivery within 1 hour of request during normal business hours
  • After Hours/Holiday- available upon request

Normal business hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Will Call

Authorized clientele may pick-up your records during normal business hours at our Record Center, 3300 Central Ave, Billings, MT. 59104. At that time you may take your records with you or have us return them to our Record Center.

Scan/Fax On Demand

Clients may request to have records faxed or scanned and securely emailed. Secure digital access is also available through our EDC Web system. Your records are scanned and loaded into our Secure Digital Storage. You may access your scanned records and record inventory by logging into the EDC Web system.

Digital and Video Media Storage and Management

All tapes and other media are bar coded for quick location and retrieval. Applying a bar code label to each tape or tape container will give you accountability as to the status of your tapes. You will have 24-hour access your tape library.

Consultation Services

Our consultation services can help determine how you currently manage your records and what improvements might assist you in the development of a professional records management program.

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